SEO Disclaimer

Here at "Jeremy Lavender Photography & Web Design" we're honest and up front so our customers know what to expect from day one. As a service provider, customer satisfaction is our top priority, If our service(s) are not satisfactory, please let us know and as long as the issue is under our control we will correct it right away. We don't claim to know everything, SEO (search engine optimization) can be defined in many different ways and through the years we've tried different tactics. But in the end we found that following the guidelines published by Google, Bing, and others is the only way to be successful with your SEO efforts.
You may get unsolicited/spam emails from companies promising to give you top listing in Google. You may have even read about new tricks that promises to instantly move your site from page 78 to the top of page one. We don't make promises like this. In the first instance, we don't promise you the number one spot in Google or Bing and anyone making these promises are most likely bending the rules and adding risk to be penalized. However, we can quite possibly get your website to number one eventually (as nothing is impossible right?), but we cannot guarantee it! Here's why for those who've logged into the Matrix with Keanu Reeves (Neo) and is familiar with Agent Smith (Search Engine) who was sent to hunt down Neo (your website), will agree that Search engines are very smart entities and their algorithms changes daily or sometimes weekly (or as in the Matrix seconds, but thats a movie). If there are flags, filters and even manual reviews to show that a website is not following the rules, though that website might not be found right away for breaking the rules, eventually Google (Agent Smith) puts down his gavel and you'll never see it coming.
Our main goal is to help you to build a liable online presence that ranks high on a permanent basis and makes it worth your investment. What we're trying to do is to provide long-term success because what good is a short-being number one fast, may not be good in the long term. If a website gets de-indexed a week later and cannot be found anymore, your investment goes down the tubes. Compare it to building a physical business. Sure you can have a Grand Opening, attract a lot of customers, but if your product is not up to par, your business will be short lived, because spending all that money for a Grand Opening taking your business to number one, it goes nowhere fast. Long-term success requires patience and a solid, trustworthy foundation and that’s how we work. So, if somebody promises you the best spot on Google, please be careful and make sure they follow the webmaster guidelines.
We use  white-hat SEO and again we will tell you upfront  what we can do for you to help your website not only rank higher, but remain in that ranking. We don't do fancy window dressing or black-hat SEO like some of our competitors, but we are very confident that the only road to a successful website is doing it right the first time. We want to help you to build a better business, not just hold a successful 'Grand Opening.'
We want to help your business work for you and not have countless sleepless nights worry that your website has received a penalty from Google or Bing-Yahoo and moved to the bottom of the pages or shut down all together.
Please Keep In Mind: As in the Matrix, while we do our best to follow the webmaster guidelines published by the (Agent Smith and his Crew) search engines, there are always things outside of our control that can still cause issues. There can be “collateral damage” when a search engine updates their algorithm. There can also be pre-existing conditions that cause a website to suddenly disappear from the rankings.
Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for those type of events. These are things out of our control.
Also Keep In Mind: Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a quick patch that can be done in a matter of seconds, hours or even a few days. It's a slow process and you will see results somewhere between 6 to 10 weeks. Search engine optimization (SEO) is also a personalized service and varies from user to user, what one user sees might be completely different for another user. Overall results should look fairly similar but results might vary. In general, customers will be able to see improved results and to verify the work that was done without issues.